Relocating to Berkeley? 6 Things to Know Before You Move

Relocating can be daunting if you aren’t sure about the area you’re moving to or how to prepare for the move itself. To get ready to move, you’ll want to know what makes Berkeley an excellent city to live in and some tips for relocating.

An overview of Berkeley

Located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, this city offers several different neighborhoods and property types for buyers interested in new homes for sale in Berkeley. Perhaps most known for the University of California, Berkeley, parts of Berkeley have a college-town energy while other parts offer an intimate city environment for residents to enjoy. Mild weather makes up most of the year, as it rarely snows in the winter, and summers stay comfortably in the mid-70s.

There are several different neighborhoods within Berkeley to start your home search in, and each offers its own lifestyle and character. Those looking for a beautiful property with residential living and a great location next to a commercial area can search in the popular Elmwood District. For a neighborhood a little outside of the UC Berkeley campus, Claremont offers suburban and urban living options that are private and exclusive. Other areas to explore in Berkeley include Berkeley Hills, Central Berkeley, North Berkeley, Southside/Telegraph Avenue, Downtown Berkeley, and South Berkeley.

1. Outdoor recreation

The outdoor recreation options in Berkeley provide residents with many opportunities to enjoy beautiful year-round weather. For great views and plenty of open green space, the César E. Chávez Park spans 90 acres. This popular park has trails to walk or run on and is home to the Kite Festival and Fourth of July fireworks. Another breathtaking outdoor destination is the Botanical Gardens at UC Berkeley. Visitors can view over 10,000 plant species across its 34 acres while enjoying a view of the San Francisco Bay from its position on the hills.

2. The arts and culture scene

The arts and culture scene surrounding Berkeley houses is another part of the city residents love. Catch a world-class production at one of the theaters, such as the Aurora Theatre Company, which specializes in thought-provoking renditions of classics and new plays. Residents can also visit the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, which offers innovative exhibitions of contemporary cultural happenings, film, and art. Whether you’re walking through the town and stopping by some open art galleries or spending a day in a museum, there are several ways to experience the voices of Berkeley.

3. Local events

Local events are a common occurrence in Berkeley that helps bring the community together. Those looking for new homes for sale in Berkeley can check out the open-air marketplaces that Berkeley’s Farmers’ Markets call home three times a week. Choose the freshest produce, meat, and cheese options in the area. Or enjoy annual festivals like the Solano Avenue Stroll, the largest street festival in Berkeley with 500+ vendors. However you like getting involved with the community, Berkeley is sure to accommodate it.

Tips for relocating

There are several reasons to love living in Berkeley, and when you’re ready to relocate to this city, start planning out your move. First, create a schedule for organizing tasks. Research moving companies early to get the best service, then prepare your current home by cleaning and packing your belongings.

1. Create a schedule

The most important step in planning a move is to create a schedule or form another type of organizational scheme to stay on track. Having an area where all essential information is located, like a moving binder, is a good way of staying on top of tasks. This may be a physical binder with folders and papers or a digital one composed of documents. Then, separate moving tasks like cleaning, packing, inspections, and appointments by time and priority. Knowing what needs to be done before you’ve begun can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to tailor your schedule as new needs arise.

2. Research moving companies early

To save you stress and time in moving, research moving companies early in the process. Although you can move out independently, you’re more at risk of damaging valuables or hurting yourself. Professional movers will have the proper equipment to move large boxes and pieces of furniture to Berkeley houses. Use the extra time to compare different companies' services, policies, and rates to receive the best services possible.

3. Prepare your home

The first step to preparing your home for a move is to deep clean. Hire cleaners to help you, or complete cleaning steps like mopping tile and wiping windows yourself. As you move and rooms become empty, continue cleaning when new areas become visible.

Before packing, sort through your belongings and decide what to take in the move and what to leave behind. This will save you time and energy packing items that would be redundant to move. Either hold a sale or donate items to free up space, then start packing items.

Pack things you won’t need until after the move first, like out-of-season decorations and clothing. A week before your moving date, create an essential kit and pack away the rest of your belongings. Pack items by room, and clearly label boxes to find things easier after the move. Also, consider making an inventory of your belongings to keep track of what might get lost during the move.

Ready to relocate to Berkeley?

Berkeley is a great place to live for those interested in a lively city with plenty of community activities and recreation spots. Its prime location next to a UC school, as well as its many neighborhoods suitable for any type of resident, makes it ideal for relocation. By following the tips above, relocation will go smoothly. When you’re ready to move to Berkeley, contact trusted local agent Michael Robertson to guide you through the different neighborhoods and the home buying process.

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