7 Luxury Amenities that Berkeley Homebuyers Want

Berkeley is one of America's most charming, sophisticated, and eclectic cities. The culture is rich with people from all walks of life drawn from around the globe. Many Berkeley residents make their homes among the luxurious neighborhoods that wind their way through the beautiful rolling hills.
When searching for Berkeley homes for sale, you need to find the right realtor, someone whose knowledge, skill, and expertise will allow you the best opportunity to succeed and find your perfect luxury home. Michael W. Robertson is that realtor. His expertise in Berkeley and the surrounding area is unparalleled, ensuring you have the highest chance of finding the home of your dreams.

Moreover, Michael also ensures your new home is resplendent with next-level luxuries. Let's take a look at some of the most popular amenities Berkeley homebuyers like you are seeking.

A technologically-integrated home

For most, technology is part of everyday life. Our cars, phones, and homes can connect with us anywhere. The following are examples of smart-home technology.
  • Refrigerators can send us our grocery list, even if we are already at the grocery store. 
  • Security cameras, smart doorbells, and intercom systems can integrate to keep your home as safe as possible.
  • Pet cams allow you to see, hear, and even speak to your pet.
Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that upgrades are often required; however, the return on investment is huge when your home, and the technology that serves it, keep you and your family safe while making your life easier.

Outdoor living space

The most luxurious of homes always seem to take their outdoor area to the next level with copious amounts of open space, outdoor kitchens, sound systems, infinity pools (often with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes), and cozy dining areas.
The following are some features you might want outside your luxury home.
  • Waterfalls, fountains, and even swim-up bars make entertaining all that much easier and fun.
  • Outdoor kitchens are desirable as well. Extensive, detailed, and glamorous outdoor kitchens are extremely popular.
  • Stainless steel appliances, grills, refrigerators, and anything the homebuyers can imagine can be brought outside and applied to the second kitchen.
Luxury extends beyond the walls of a conventional structure, allowing the interior's warmth, charm, and elegance to spill forth into the great outdoors. All your guests can enjoy the beauty of your home both inside and out.

Home gym or dedicated exercise space

The decision to ditch the public gym and establish a personal workout space at home has grown tremendously over the last few years. Whether homebuyers invite their trainer over to set up a workout schedule, move through a circuit with weights or kettlebells, or work through suspension training, home gyms and workout spaces have become increasingly popular.
Home gyms may include space to work out, steam rooms, gym showers, and facilities for favorite sports (basketball courts, golf greens, tennis courts, etc.).
As a prospective Berkeley homeowner, anything you can imagine can be implemented into your exercise space with finesse and style. Work with your realtor to ensure the Berkeley houses you’re considering have enough room for your desired exercise amenities.

Wine rooms

Wine and liquor rooms have only become popular in the last few years. They are considered a new luxury, and Berkeley homebuyers are sure to look for this exquisite luxury in their home.
Wine rooms have become popular in mainstream design and construction and include the following.
  • Custom hardwood, including high-end woods such as redwood and mahogany. The wood is often part of every aspect of the room, including the shelves, racks, tables, and more.

  • Display cases for the rarest wines. These illuminate the specialness of the wine in an understated and elegant manner befitting vintage brands.

  • Accessibility. In contrast to dank wine cellars, wine rooms should be comfortable and classy, encouraging guests to interact with the wine.

Berkeley homebuyers seeking this kind of class and sophistication will know what they want when customizing the perfect wine room for their luxury home.

Home theater

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Who doesn't love watching a movie at a movie theater? Big, fluffy, comfortable chairs, a big screen, excellent surround sound — an authentic movie theater experience envelops the viewer and draws them into the movie.
More and more Berkeley homebuyers are looking to recreate the movie theater experience in the luxury of their homes. Homebuyers can choose to make their home movie theater as complex or straightforward as their heart desires. In most Berkeley houses, everything from screen size to chair size to even the size of the speakers can be tweaked and customized to ensure you get the movie theater of your dreams.

Environmentally-friendly fixtures

Weather trends have become increasingly unpredictable over the years. People from all walks of life are concerned about the environment and finding options to live sustainably. Many Berkeley homes for sale already come with environmentally-friendly fixtures. Berkeley homebuyers are eager to be at the forefront of this trend and seek to identify and implement sustainable methods of living, including in their home.
Below are a few ways homebuyers can invest in their homes to contribute positively to the environment.
  • Low-flow water fixtures. Replacing your shower head with any shower head labeled (WaterSense) can save up to four gallons of water per shower, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The same applies to faucets throughout the house. Changing out your faucets can save up to 700 gallons per year. Saving water on this level contributes to the environment and the homebuyers' finances.

  • Native landscaping. Climate change can wreak havoc on plants as well as people and animals. If you grow plants native to your area, you contribute to the environment on many levels. Native trees and plants combat biodiversity loss and encourage pollinators that pollinate flowers, plants, trees, and many local crops.

  • Energy-saving windows and doors. Heat, whether coming in or going out, can increase costs and burn through energy levels if left unchecked in your home. Air leaks in doors and windows can run up costs. Having energy-efficient windows and doors ensures your house is leakproof and comfortable, and the hot air stays in whichever location it is supposed to remain.

Designated workspaces

Working from home is more popular than ever, and Berkeley homebuyers understand the importance of having a dedicated space in which to work. Separating a workspace and living space can help separate professional and personal lives and create a positive work-life balance, which is increasingly important as more people remain in their homes to work.
Homebuyers will want their working spaces to be functional, inspiring, beautiful, and organized. When you own a Berkeley home, you can design an at-home workspace that fosters a positive workflow while reflecting your tastes.

Find the ideal Berkeley home, luxuries and all

Berkeley is an iconic California city, and Berkeley homebuyers, whether they are from far away or already residents of this fine city, are a unique and fun group smart enough to know what they like and what they want. As potential homebuyers search for not just their ideal home but the ideal luxuries to go with it, the need for a real estate agent who is knowledgable and skilled becomes more and more evident.
This is where Michael W. Robertson can help. His diligence and dedication to helping his clients, coupled with his knowledge, skills, and expertise, help any homebuyer successfully navigate the waters of the Berkeley real estate market. Contact Michael W. Robertson today and let him and his capable team help you find the perfect home with the ideal luxuries to bring a smile to your face.

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